Importance of Organic Instagram Followers

How can organic growth help you flourish:

The most important element needed by a working business is turnover.

It can be in the form of:

  1. Sales: For a physical business
  2. Foot-counts: For a mall
  3. Website traffic: For any .com
  4. Digital presence: For an online business

This turnover then turns into an audience or a paid client/customer. Attracting such an audience is the biggest challenge for a business.

The audience needs to be organic or real if you want to sell your product. Because a bot account can increase the number of followers you have, it cannot increase or even maintain the number of interactions.

Meaning of Interaction:

When an audience, i.e. a real person visits your profile or your webpage, it creates a digital footprint. This digital footprint left by the audience increases your interaction, every time. So, interaction (insights) of your Instagram profile gets a positive hike, every time a real human visits it, likes your post, or comments on your page.

After understanding the meaning of interaction, let’s dive into the nuances of attracting traffic. 

Bursting all your myths:

Let me burst the biggest myth of social media before talking about traffic. It was believed that the more followers you have, the more Instagram follower you will attract. Even though it may not be false all the time, are we trying to attract people or are we expecting them to stay?

For a person to remain a follower, he must be interested in your page. And to make that happen, posting interesting content consistently is very important.

How to attract traffic:

If you attract an audience using your product, you have to retain it using the same. This skill of digital marketing is called “Audience Retention”.

Posting about your products and marketing your services must be done in a fun and entertaining way to retain them. You can use memes, reels, and trending fads to make sure your audience isn’t bored.

All in all:

Organic growth through organic people will make sure your business works. A stagnant bot following will lead to zero social media growth. And what business can stay in the long run in this digital world without social media growth?

To sum it all up, the steps to increase your turnover in whatever business you have is to firstly attract a real person/organic audience, retain them with interesting content, and create a niche for your audience so that your page becomes irresistible.